A tool for replacing your Geringhoff Rota Discs – with ease

What is the DISCruptor?

The DISCruptor allows for proper maintenance of your Rota Discs at required service intervals. Replacing worn out discs when needed saves on premature wear and tear of other header components, resulting in optimum header performance, and unwanted down time.


Watch this 9 minute demonstration video

Watch the creator of the DISCruptor, Dan Konickson, demonstrate the removal and replacement of Rota Discs on a Geringhoff shaft.

This video shows how the DISCruptor:

  • Creates a stable work environment, ensuring safety and efficiency
  • Reduces the amount of time typically associated with disc replacement
  • Offers long service life through heavy-duty, durable construction

Why should you use the DISCruptor?

Have you ever actually considered what your time is worth?

We’ve all said “that’s not worth my time”, but what does that actually mean? I suspect everyone will come up with a different answer based on stage of life, what they are expected to do, etc.

Now think about this in the context of your work as a farmer – if you were getting paid hourly for producing your corn crop, what would your hourly rate ultimately look like given the time you put in? When an implement needs to be repair or serviced, a mechanic’s shop rates can range from $100-$200 per hour, not to mention down time which hurts even more.

Are you earning enough to justify that hourly rate? Often, it’s not even a choice. You just need it fixed.

One of the many jobs you do that burn up time and money, whether you do the work or a mechanic shop does it, is servicing your corn head – or more specifically – your Geringhoff Corn Head Rota-Discs.

Enter The DISCruptor.

This new, first of its kind tool significantly reduces the finite resources required to service your Rota Discs.

The $2400 DISCruptor was engineered to make lighter, quicker, and safer work of an otherwise labor-intensive job.

Whether you are a DIY’er and like to understand the mechanics of the header yourself, or you are a dealer/repair shop and want safer and more efficient header servicing practices, you’ll see a return on investment (just over $2K) within the first 12-15 disc shafts serviced.

Over time, the DISCruptor can potentially put weeks back into your life – weeks better spent on productive farming activities (out of the shop), with the family, out on the lake… you get the idea.

With its simple and durable construction, the DISCruptor pays for itself early in its decades-long lifespan, not only saving you time, but also the frustration of one of the more aggravating parts of farming.



Wholesale pricing available to distributors upon request
Additional freight charges may apply

Ready to save HOURS in Rota Disc service labor?